Be Aware Of Your Family’s Breast Cancer History

It is always said that family history with regards to breast cancer is really important. One should be aware of her family history of breast cancer. Awareness of breast cancer can play a significant role in managing the disease. One need to know about her risk factors and this is the best preventive measure one can take. A woman has to look closely at her family history to further understand the risk factors along with her present condition.

Levels Of Breast Cancer Risk

There said to be three levels of breast cancer risk.

1. Average Risk:
The average risk of a woman to have breast cancer is 1 in every 8 women which are approximately 12 percent. It is something very much understandable. This risk is because you are a female and can have breast cancer. The family history doesn’t matter here. You can still have breast cancer even if there is no one in the family with this disease previously.

2. Increased Risk: 
 This is the second level of risk that a woman can have. It includes the family history of a woman as well. In this level, some close relative might have breast cancer in the past, for example, mother, sister or aunt. You can have more than one family member of the same side those who have experienced breast cancer. Abnormal breast biopsy also increases the risk of getting breast cancer. People who belong to this category have increased risk levels. They almost have 25 percent of chances to develop breast cancer. Awareness of breast cancer becomes more vital here in order to fight out this menace.

3. High Risk:
A woman who has some kind of genetic disorders are at high risk of developing breast cancer. At this level, the genetic involvement uses to define these risks. There can be some detected genetic mutation in the family like BRCA 1 or BRAC 2 mutations and many other associated mutations. In this category, the risk levels increase to more than 87 percent. It is really important for a woman to cope with these risk factors in order to defeat breast cancer and it would only be possible to lessen the risk factors. After knowing all these factors and levels, one needs to know about her personal risk factors in relation to all the categories.

You need to be aware of the history of breast cancer in your maternal and paternal sides. This will make things easy for you to understand. The history includes everything like the age of the patient when she had breast cancer, stage, diagnosis, medical condition, treatments etc. in this way you can analyze your personal risk factors and issues easily and even can discuss such things comfortably with your doctor. Few women find it so scary but you need to be realistic for better and positive results. Awareness of breast cancer includes possible and available information that you must know about. It is really essential to defeating breast cancer.

Green Revolution For a Healthy Cause

There are many vegetables which are not only healthy or have many benefits for human health but they also have an aroma and taste that can increase the appetite. Capsicum or bell pepper is one of the same vegetable a very tasty one. It can help out to defeat cancer, ulcer, menopausal problems, cardio issues, diabetes and many other health issues.  It also has anti-inflammatory qualities. You can eat them if you want to lessen the arthritis pain.

Apart from compelling flavor and scent capsicum is a balanced diet. They are rich in Vitamins A ,C  and K, fiber a total health package.  The benefits are huge so let’s discuss few of them below.

Use For Good Vision:
As it was mentioned earlier that capsicum is rich in vitamin A so one can have good eye sight because of them. It also improves your night vision. They also contain carotenoid actually called lutein that decreases the chances of macular deterioration of the eyes. This issue develops with age.

Kill More Calories:
Capsicum helps in maintaining thermogenesis that further help out in maintain metabolism.  So if you want to keep your body in a good shape and want to lose your weight do eat this vegetable as part of your fitness routine.

Make Your Heart Strong and Healthy:
The existence of lycopene in capsicum promotes a healthy heart whereas it also reduces cholesterol. Along with all this it also has antioxidants like vitamins A and C present that can clean the body from radicals. It is also a great source of potassium.

Increase Your Immunity:
Vitamin C is very much essential for a healthy immune system, skin and joints. Vitamin K provides assistance in the creation of blood clots. Here we need to understand that development of resilient bones and fortification of cells from oxidative impairment is very much important and capsicum has ability to achieve this benefit.

Diabetic Neuropathy:
Diabetes produces so many other physical issues to a person. Diabetic neuropathy is also one of the diabetic caused diseases. It is a neurogenic pain. Capsicum has ability to fight it out. It is also very good for any type of muscular pain.

Long and Beautiful Hair:
If you include capsicum in your meal no doubt it help the hair growth by modifiable blood circulation in the scalp.  You can get silky, long and strong hair, just eat capsicum and feel relaxed.

Healthy and Blemish Free Skin:
Capsicum is also very much beneficial for vigorous and secure skin. The combination of antioxidants and phytochemicals keeps your skin young and obviously it gives you a young look over all.  If you have acne issue then here comes a strong and easy solution.Take carrot and a capsicum blend it and have this miracle drink. You will surely get a blemish free skin a healthy one.

You need to include this vegetable in your meal then you can notice a pleasurable change in your life. You can take it as part of the salad as well other than the routine dishes.