Honey a Powerful Disease Fighting Antioxidant

Honey is a blessing from God actually. It is produced by honey bees and they complete this procedure by taking nectar from flowers, so it’s all natural and being a natural product it is a weapon against so many ailments. For example being part of the breast cancer awareness, we should know about the anti-inflammatory as well as diseases fighting antioxidants qualities of honey.  In short, one can say eat honey to say goodbye to many diseases. Honey has a very attractive color and taste but apart from these factors it has so many superpowers in it and those powers are amazing.

The Powers of Honey:
Honey has always been very effective against diseases as it was used by the ancient people as well to fight out health issues because of its chemical configuration, one must say a unique one. It has a quality of having very low moisture in it so the chances of development of bacteria and other microbes if forbidden. According to the researchers, honey has qualities like it is antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory naturally.

Do you know?
You need to know the miracles of honey. Here are some of them mentioned below.

1. Fight Out A Cough:
It is a natural medicine against a cough and is used for this problem since ages. It is especially very effective for the night time cough issue. Take it daily before going to bed till you get relief.

2. Good For Memory:
Honey is also very useful to be used for increasing your memory. It has so many natural elements in it that are very much helpful in maintaining the memory and improving it.

3. Heal Your Wounds:
As honey is antiseptic and also an anti-inflammatory agent so it’s very useful to heal the wounds. Application of honey over wounds make them healed within week time for sure but it also depends on the severity of the issue.

4. Provision of Nutrients:
Honey has a combination of vitamins and minerals in it like riboflavin, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and potassium etc. you can use it as an alternative to sugar.

5. Maintains White Blood Cells:
If someone is going through chemotherapy so he should use honey to maintain the white cells in his body. Spread this particular breast cancer awareness so others can get a benefit of it.

6. Effective Against Allergies:
It is positively effective against periodic allergies and especially the pollen Allergy. As it has anti-inflammatory agents in it so can tackle with allergy issues too.

7. Works as Antibiotic Medicine:
Honey has the ability to finish food-borne disease like E. coli etc. it acts like an antibiotic medicine.

8. Acid Reflux:
Honey has the ability to cope up with the issue like acid reflux. It's very good for the patients with stomach related issues.

9. Honey With Its Properties:
The properties of honey are very amazing. It I s made up of glucose, fructose, and minerals like iron, phosphate, calcium sodium etc.

10. Here comes the profile of honey:
Glucose: 31.3%
Fructose: 38.2%
Sucrose: 1.3%
Maltose: 7.1%
Water: 17.2%
Ash: 0.2%
Higher sugars: 1.5%

11. Have a Look Into Past:
From past many years, honey is used as a medicine to treat so many diseases, especially by the Egyptians in the ancient civilizations times for healing of wounds. Greeks were having the opinion that honey has the abilities to improve the quality and span of life.

Breast Cancer and Hormonal Imbalance in a Woman

If anyone of you use to feel as if bloated, tensed and as if she is not as she should have been. The reason can be the hormonal imbalance. As being part of breast cancer awareness very one should be aware of this link as well. Do you know what these Hormones are? They are actually chemical “messengers” that influence the way your cells and organs use to perform their functions. It’s quite normal for the levels inside your body to change at certain stages of your life, like before and after your periods or pregnancy or even during menopause. There are certain medicines as well that can change them in form of increasing or decreasing these levels.
Irregular Periods:
Periods are a regular happening in a woman. If someone is not getting into this regular circle or it happens with an interval or with the rapid changes in the date you must check for the hormonal imbalance. In every woman, the reason can be different. It depends on the age. One may be having a problem like polycystic ovarian syndrome that can cause this imbalance. This issue can be the reason behind breast cancer or any other cancer even.
Sleep Issues:
If someone is having sleep issues like she is not getting the sleep and if she is getting that is not the proper one. This issue is also referring towards the hormonal issues. Progesterone is a hormone emit by your ovaries. It helps you to get enough sleep as per requirement. The low levels of this hormone can result in less sleep. This further indulges you in night sweet and anxiety.
If you are facing a breakout it’s normal during the periods but if the acne remains with you all the time and it doesn’t clear then you need to focus on the hormones. If androgens hormone increased in your body it further activates your oil glands to work than the usual. They use to clog the pores that can be the reason of the acne.
Abdomen Problems:
The gut has small cells called receptors that use to respond to estrogen and progesterone. The unusual change in these hormones can cause issues with your digestive system. You may experience diarrhea, stomach discomfort, inflating, and nausea .if you are feeling and facing these issues along with fatigue and acne then this indicate the low levels of hormones in your body.
Depression and Mood Swings:
If your hormones are decreasing rapidly or the level has become so low then you can experience anxiety and irritable mood swings. Estrogen can put an impact on the brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. All the factors can eventually drag you to a depressive stage. Breast cancer awareness campaign also includes the reduction of depression so to avert cancer.
Hunger and Weight Gain:
When the estrogen levels use to decrease and you feel like fainting, certainly you will feel the need to eat more than usual. This way you can gain weight. This hormonal change or decrease further use to affect the leptin, an appetite-boosting hormone.
Again the drop in estrogen levels can cause a woman to have a headache. If a woman is practicing it during or before the periods then this can be normal but feeling it all the time can have some serious reason behind.

A Well Versed Therapy For Manage An Ailment

It is always very much important to talk about all you feel or think. The words which have never been spoken give you a feeling of being regretful. One might feel as he or she should have said all whatever is hidden inside that individual. The discussion always brings few of the very exciting and meaningful aspects of any conversation. When you speak you and later when to indulge in a conversation and communication process, you automatically start saying what all you never said before because you accept that without discussing it all things will never get any solution or would never reach to some constructive conclusion.

An Effective Tool For Additional Support:
Taking medical treatment and before that diagnosis of any disease are the very critical and important steps towards wellbeing but one more step is even the initiator of all other steps and that is communication. When you will discuss and communicate about your disease with your doctor or those around you, you will certainly find some way out. This becomes more evident in diseases like breast cancer. There are so many apprehensions related to such diseases because no one wants to disclose his or her health conditions due to several social and personal restrictions. Here awareness becomes a compulsion whether it's Breast Cancer Awareness UK Campaign or some other forums to disseminate the information among the masses. Awareness needs some platform to spread the message and communication is the channel to use in order to pave the way towards a destination. One has to keep this thing in mind that communication is the actual source to start a procedure with and to move according to the given scenario.  It also removes the hindrances coming your way so to provide you a path free from ambiguities.

Positivity Is Indeed The Real Way Out:
You can’t think positively unless you have something to start with. When you will start sharing your ideas and thoughts with others and in return, they will share and discuss their viewpoint, you will for sure get to know many things which you never knew before. As the example of breast cancer awareness campaign has been given, there is need to engrave all such opportunities to tackle the things. This is very much true and practical approach with some outcomes.Discussion can always bring positivity and also helpful in dispelling the false of negative elements. Think positive and spread the words of wisdom. Breast cancer should also be handled in accordance with the situation and environment a patient live in. there is no such miraculous formula to fix the disease. Treatment, positive attitude, awareness and social support are few elements which can make a patient recover from the disease. Never be disappointed even if you are living in such a scenario where you are unable to find the appropriate environment. You need to fight everything out for your own sake. Be happy and feel comfortable in your own skin. The life has to go on.

Individual Approach To Knock Down Breast Cancer

War against breast cancer is not something new or never heard before but the new thing about this particular slogan is the involvement of the individual who is actually facing this disease. All of us and especially those who are aware of the detection procedure for breast cancer and the related things know about the breast cancer self-examination device. These devices are in fact for the screening and further for the treatment of this disease. Apart from anything else the personal involvement of the patient is a plus and positive gesture that can lead to a successful treatment.

Take Part In The Procedure Voluntarily:
You being a patient actually need to take part in all the activities at social and personal level. You have to consider all the options. You are not merely a patient but a human being first who is into so many relationships and responsibilities. Taking an active part in the activities that further can promote breast cancer awareness is sort of an essential task and you have to take part in it. If unfortunately you get into breast cancer and fortunately survived from this disease, it becomes your duty to aware others and provide them a moral and emotional support. If you will train others to face this disease with courage you actually will feel more relaxed and determined to defeat this. Having breast cancer doesn’t mean you should avoid taking care of yourself. You can still look beautiful. It’s your right to beautify yourself. Try to change your self-image especially during the several treatments you are going through. Don’t ignore yourself. Keep yourself busy in activities as much as you can.

You Can Be Researcher:
If you have already faced the menace of breast cancer and went through so many trails and procedures, you can actually take part in several researches to further secure the future of those who are at the risk or already have this disease. For instance, you can explain the importance of breast cancer self-examination device being used for the initial findings. The causes, prevention and treatment options for breast cancer patients are quite known things these days. More researches can be done to make such things more easy and valuable.

Raise Your Voice:
It is your right to raise your voice in support of the breast cancer patient and in need to start proper awareness campaigns in this regard.  You truly have to show your passion of helping others practically. There is no harm to sign any agreement with the authorities to launch mammogram campaign so that women can get their breasts checked.

Be Guide For You & Others:

Though there are a few breast cancer prevention techniques or methods but it’s difficult in many ways especially when you are at the high risk. Here your thinking and practice will make difference.  Knowing your health and family history you should be concern about yourself. The same way you can make others around you to realize this fact. Breast cancer screening should also be your priority. Change your life style, eating habits and become an exercise freak along with perusing other people who are at the risk.

Induction Of New Drug Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer research is indeed an effective way to find out more choices to cope with this menace of breast cancer. It requires immense hard work and struggle and as a result a sigh of relief for the patient. Breast cancer screening is the fundamental principle for averting this disease or to treat it well in time.

According to BBC news experts have discovered a new drug which is effective for one in five patients of breast cancer. According to reports, almost 10,000 women in the UK can be benefited from this drug every year. This new treatment is actually the Biological therapies which are operative against the kind of breast cancer which occur due to the rare congenital genetic errors like BRCA. If you have heard about the actress Angelina Jolie having the same kind of breast cancer. Such targeted therapies can be equally useful for those women who do not have a genetic type of breast cancer.  The percentage of recovery from these therapies is 20 percent when we talk about the percentage of recovery. This therapy is not yet approved for the treatment of breast cancer though this has already been used for clinical trials in the UK.

Currently, 560 patients were searched for the genetic errors which can cause breast cancer. It was found that a noteworthy proportion of the patients were present with such errors which can also be called “mutational signatures". Doctor Helen Davies, who was part of this research said, “There was also the potential to treat other types of cancers with these drugs”.
Researchers also suggested that more clinical trials are needed to further go into the details so to get more benefits out of it. It would certainly be the greatest advancement in the field of breast cancer research but here it should also be remembered that the breast cancer screening is the only way to get the things done in the right way.

Magical Power of Aromatic Capsicum

There are many vegetables which are not only healthy or have many benefits for human health but they also have an aroma and taste that can increase the appetite. Capsicum or bell pepper is one of the same vegetable a very tasty one. It can help out to defeat cancer, ulcer, menopausal problems, cardio issues, diabetes and many other health issues.  It also has anti-inflammatory qualities. You can eat them if you want to lessen the arthritis pain. Apart from compelling flavor and scent capsicum is a balanced diet. They are rich in vitamins A, C and K, fiber a total health package.  The benefits are huge so let’s discuss few of them below. Use For Good Vision: As it was mentioned earlier that capsicum is rich in vitamin A so one can have good eyesight because of them. It also improves your night vision. They also contain carotenoid actually called lutein that decreases the chances of macular deterioration of the eyes. This issue develops with age. Kill more Calories: Capsicum helps in maintaining thermogenesis that further help out in maintain metabolism. So if you want to keep your body in a good shape and want to lose your weight do eat this vegetable as part of your fitness routine.
Make Your Heart Strong and Healthy:
The existence of lycopene in capsicum promotes a healthy heart whereas it also reduces cholesterol. Along with all this it also has antioxidants like vitamins A and C present that can clean the body from radicals. It is also a great source of potassium.

Increase your Immunity:
Vitamin C is very much essential for a healthy immune system, skin and joints. Vitamin K provides assistance in the creation of blood clots. Here we need to understand that development of resilient bones and fortification of cells from oxidative impairment is very much important and capsicum has ability to achieve this benefit.

Diabetic Neuropathy:
Diabetes produces so many other physical issues to a person. Diabetic neuropathy is also one of the diabetic caused diseases. It is a neurogenic pain. Capsicum has ability to fight it out. It is also very good for any type of muscular pain.

Long and Beautiful Hair:
If you include capsicum in your meal no doubt it help the hair growth by modifiable blood circulation in the scalp.  You can get silky, long and strong hair, just eat capsicum and feel relaxed.

Healthy and Blemish Free Skin:
Capsicum is also very much beneficial for vigorous and secure skin. The combination of antioxidants and phytochemicals keeps your skin young and obviously it gives you a young look over all.  If you have acne issue then here comes a strong and easy solution.  Take carrot and a capsicum blend it and have this miracle drink. You will surely get a blemish free skin a healthy one.

You need to include this vegetable in your meal then you can notice a pleasurable change in your life. You can take it as part of the salad as well other than the routine dishes.

Soon After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

It is indeed the most difficult and critical situation when after breast cancer screening one gets to know about the confirmation of the disease. It is the time when one has to act very wisely. Hiding the facts isn’t something which could bring some positivity in your life. You must need to see the things beyond their surface. Breast cancer makes an individual very scary and it is natural but you need to remain calm and thoughtful in order to fight the disease.

Firstly, we need to know about the types of breast cancer.  It is said that there are 5 main types of breast cancer which are, lobular carcinoma in situ, ductal carcinoma in situ, infiltrating (invasive) lobular carcinoma, infiltrating (invasive) ductal carcinoma, and inflammatory breast cancer. Once you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you must inquire about the type of cancer you have, its intensity and available treatment methods for it. Apart from the gloominess, the diagnosis also brings the fear and concerns about the femininity, sexuality, attraction, and maternity issues in a woman.

The most important thing is breast cancer screening. Once it is done and someone is diagnosed with the breast cancer unfortunately then there are many other aspects to think about. Being a patient you need to ask as many questions as you feel like to from your health care provider so for your personal contentment. There should be no such hesitation is asking questions. It’s your right to be aware of your disease. Never hide your feelings.

There is always that “One” individual with whom you can share your feelings so keep sharing them even after the diagnosis. It will certainly lessen your tension and will prove to be a pleasant breeze for you. The most important aspect of this whole procedure is your own self. Pay attention to your appearance before, during and even after the treatment of your disease. Breast cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean that one should start living in solitude or should be carefree about the appearance.