Clean Your Environment to Save your Health

Health is very precious and you can save it. It’s very much essential to live a healthy life. The environment you live in can really make a big difference when it comes to health. You in fact are real custodian to safeguard your surroundings as well as well as your personal hygiene.

What can be happened ?

Diseases are everywhere around us and we keenly observe 5 out of 10 people may have infectious or contagious diseases that you may not see with the naked eye.  We human beings are living in an atmosphere where we are too much expose to many bacteria and other disease causing elements. We get into contact with them when we breathe and such elements are already in the air which are and can be spread from one person to another too. Sometimes after going through such situation one get into some disease or in other case it many time to get into some disease. If we have a look of our lifestyle we have become too much artificial even the food we eat is also made out of artificial ingredients which can harm a person’s health very badly.  The same way unhygienic environment is also a reason behind the occurrence of infectious diseases. Here we need to segregate the different outcomes of the unhygienic environment in the form of diseases. 

  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis
  • Malaria
  • Food poisoning
  • Dengue
  • Skin disease
  • Asthma
  • Stomach disturbances
  • Lung Diseases

Types of Environmental Pollution

1. Air Pollution

  • Vehicle or manufacturing exhaust.
  • Forest fires, volcanic eruptions, dry soil erosion, and other natural sources.
  • Building construction or demolition.
2. Water Pollution
  • Increased sediment from soil erosion.
  • Improper waste disposal and littering.
  • Leaching of soil pollution into water supplies.
  • Organic material decay in water supplies.
3. Soil Pollution
  • Perilous waste and sewage spills.
  • Non-sustainable farming practices, such as the heavy use of inorganic pesticides.
  • Strip mining, deforestation, and other destructive practices.
  • Household dumping and littering.
4. Noise pollution
  • Traffic
  • Airports
  • Railroads
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Construction or demolition
  • Concerts
5. Thermal pollution
  • Power plants
  • Urban stretch
  • Air pollution particulates that trap heat
  • Deforestation
  • Loss of temperature curbing water supplies
6. Light pollution
  • Large cities
  • Billboards and advertising
  • Night time sporting events and other late night entertainment ventures.
7. Visual pollution
  • Power lines
  • Construction areas
  • Billboards and advertising
  • Neglected areas or objects such as polluted vacant fields or abandoned buildings.
8. Radioactive pollution
  • Nuclear power plant accidents or leakage
  • Inappropriate nuclear waste disposal
  • Uranium mining operations
The power available at any given time in the body is limited.  If some part of this power is spent in wasteful activities connected with unhygienic living, the result will be that essential activities will be starved of power. The connection between unhygienic environment and health is very much problematic for the human beings. Pollution is a significant problem facing the environment. As the population of the world is growing so does the amount of harmful substances that are killing the hygienic entity of environment as well as the health of a human.

Breast Cancer and Herbal Science

Can herbs defeat cancer? It may be the question that everyone needs the answer. Breast cancer considers being the most common cancer in women around the world. There are so many reasons behind this. Increased mortality rates, economic recession, inflation and many other reasons are directly linked with the women as they also share the burden of all these. In the same way theses all issues increases and develop many other related issues like public health problem not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. Unfortunately, in spite of modern techniques being introduced in the field of health as well but still breast cancer is the biggest cause of deaths in women in the whole world, with approximately 375,000 deaths in the year 2000 though there are breast Cancer Screening methods .This is also a fact that the ratio of breast cancer is different in all parts of the world and all depends on difference of facts mentioned above. Over the past several decades, the menace of breast cancer in developed countries has increased by one to two percent annually.

Complementary vs alternative medicines…

This term refers to treatment with the use of medical products and also the practices that are not part of typical medical procedures.

Complementary and alternative medicines can be divided into 5 categories.

     1.    Mind-Body Medicines including hypnosis, yoga,
     2.     Biologically usage for treatment such as herbs, vitamins, special diets 
     3.     Manipulative practices of massage, chiropractic care
    4.     Energy medicine
    5.     Whole medical system

Herbal Treatment…..

If we talk about Complementary and alternative medicines we also need to discuss herbal medicine the most universally used treatment. Herbal treatment is the oldest medicine that is used in the world with a history of more than 2000 years. Herbal medicines are also called botanical medicines. Herbal medicines are used to prepare exclusively from plants such as roots, bay, flowers, seeds, fruits, leaves, or branches and every natural element related with plants. Such medical treatment is commonly used in several societies as well as in different cultures including Asia, Africa, Europe and America. There are many types of herbal medicines available around the world. They might be prepare using different methods and according to the nature of the disease.

 Herbs for breast cancer….

There are few herbs that secure the body from malignancy by augmenting detoxification or cleaning role of the body. In the same way some herbs are specially recommended to hinder the growth of breast cancer by adapting the activity of precise hormones and enzymes, while on the other side there are few herbs very much effective in lessening the side effects and hitches of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Herbs use for breast cancer treatment…

There are many herbs effective for the treatment of breast cancer…

    1.   Alkaloids
    2.   Coumarins
    3.   Flavanoids, and Polyphenols
    4.   Terpenoids
    5.   Dandelion
    6.   Ochrosia elliptica
    7.   Vinca rosea

Such medicines can be effective only when you use them after consulting with some herbalist. You need to be very much intact with breast awareness. Try to remain close with nature and be blessed by it.