Tongue Can Say It All

A tongue is something we can’t imagine life without it. We can’t communication without its aid. We use to taste with the help of our tongue. Life would be quite boring and meaningless without the tongue. The tongue is not only associated with these functions only. It has more things to cope with. It’s also sort of radar which use to tell the story of our health. It indicates whatever is happening inside your body. If you have any disorder or disease, your tongue will say it all.

This is a very problematic situation in which a nerve is damaged and it uses to spread out over the tongue too without any apparent reasons.  It creates a very spiteful sensation over the tongue. There are several reasons behind this issue. It can merely be an ageing factor or some serious factor like Manifold Sclerosis. If someone of you is feeling a pain without any apparent sign or disease then you must contact your consultant.

The condition like Burning Mouth Syndrome along with menopause which has its own concerns can collectively create sensation over the tongue that is not only painful but  uncomfortable as well. This can be feeling in the mouth in several places but the tip is the most affected place where one can feel it. This burning mouth condition can be treated with the help of several available medicines in the market so you need to consult your doctor.

Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome:
In this condition, the swelling of the tongue can be seen visibly though this is a very rare condition. This Syndrome is an inborn issue or disorder that only influences your tongue though can affect some other parts as well by enlarging them in size.  As it is an issue use to develop in infants so you should observe it closely in your baby for timely treatment. Feeding becomes a very painful practice for your newborn if the kid is having this syndrome.

Poor Oral Cleanness:
If you are facing some oral issues yet delaying to visit the dentist or you are not doing regular brushing of your teeth, your tongue with surely tell the story of your negligence. You may practice discoloration or itching in your tongue, so you should get it abruptly. In some cases, the white tongue can be due to the smoking or even because of the cancer. One must visit the doctor before the situation gets worse. The most significant point is that with good oral hygiene this issue can be solved well.

Diabetes has so many symptoms so the mouth and tongue are also not exempted. According to a research the red or white squares on the tongue can be the result of diabetes. While chewing you may feel the pain. One needs to consult the doctor as soon as possible to avoid the further issues.

Deficiency Of Particular Vitamin:
Many of the people do not care about taking the essential nutrients. Eventually they get into several health issues.  If you are having a pink coloured tongue it can be due to the lack of vitamin 12 in your body. Consult your doctor to get the right treatment at right time.