Soon After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

It is indeed the most difficult and critical situation when after breast cancer screening one gets to know about the confirmation of the disease. It is the time when one has to act very wisely. Hiding the facts isn’t something which could bring some positivity in your life. You must need to see the things beyond their surface. Breast cancer makes an individual very scary and it is natural but you need to remain calm and thoughtful in order to fight the disease.

Firstly, we need to know about the types of breast cancer.  It is said that there are 5 main types of breast cancer which are, lobular carcinoma in situ, ductal carcinoma in situ, infiltrating (invasive) lobular carcinoma, infiltrating (invasive) ductal carcinoma, and inflammatory breast cancer. Once you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you must inquire about the type of cancer you have, its intensity and available treatment methods for it. Apart from the gloominess, the diagnosis also brings the fear and concerns about the femininity, sexuality, attraction, and maternity issues in a woman.

The most important thing is breast cancer screening. Once it is done and someone is diagnosed with the breast cancer unfortunately then there are many other aspects to think about. Being a patient you need to ask as many questions as you feel like to from your health care provider so for your personal contentment. There should be no such hesitation is asking questions. It’s your right to be aware of your disease. Never hide your feelings.

There is always that “One” individual with whom you can share your feelings so keep sharing them even after the diagnosis. It will certainly lessen your tension and will prove to be a pleasant breeze for you. The most important aspect of this whole procedure is your own self. Pay attention to your appearance before, during and even after the treatment of your disease. Breast cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean that one should start living in solitude or should be carefree about the appearance.

Get Inspiration From Surroundings In Order To Conquer Breast Cancer

Once you get to know about the diseases it becomes easy to treat it. The timely diagnosis is very much essential and it can be very beneficial as well. If you came top now about the unusual changes in your breast through the self-examination devices, you better need to get your breasts screened so to confirm whether these changes are linked with breast cancer or not. Screening is the most important step with regards to breast cancer awareness and prevention. You can prevent yourself from further damages once the disease is diagnosed by taking prompt actions. The practical approach towards breast cancer can be really helpful to cope with it. Always be practical about life and its adversities. You have to face them as others did before you. Don’t get into despair which will eventually destroy your health in many ways.

Ask Questions:
After going through the mammograms you will be suggested several procedures.These procedures are for the sake of your life. You can ask as many questions from your consultant as you can. These questions will clear your mind and you will concentrate on the options and with the help of the doctor can choose best for yourself. Breastlight review was actually initiated for the patients of breast cancer who are very much scared about the disease and they think only they are the ones facing this menace. Asking questions will also satisfy you and will reduce your fear. You can even visit several websites where you can read about the success stories of breast cancer survivors. Several celebrities around the world are also among these survivors. This all can encourage a patient to move forward towards treatment with full confidence. Avoiding the disease and treatment is no solution of the issue rather fights it out with courage and strength. Breastlight review is packed with the stories of those who were very much scared initially but they have accepted the reality and started their treatment with the hope to get the disease defeated by them. As much you will know about the positive aspects of the treatment you will certainly get a positive effect out of it and all this is very essential for the patient.

Get Engaged Socially:
Having breast cancer doesn’t stop you from social activities. Social engagements are very much necessary for the health of an individual. It rather can keep you away from many negative and painful thoughts. Social groups can affect a person in many different ways. Social gatherings tell a person that he or she is not useless. Every individual is here in this world for a purpose and every disease that one has should be defeated as living a happy and peaceful, disease free life is right of a person. Who are we to withdraw ourselves from our basic right when God has designated it to us? Think closely and get inspiration from the positive side of the whole story. Even you can make a group consist of breast cancer patients so every individual can get benefits of this activity. Sharing thoughts would be very much valuable for all who will be members of this group. No one will be hesitant in front of others as all would be the ones fighting out the same unfortunate disease. You can even request doctors to accompany the group members for better understanding.

Learn From Everyone:
Learning is an ongoing process whether you are a young lady or an experienced woman. Human being can learn from everyone at every stage or age of life. There are no such restrictions in this regard. Prepare yourself to digest all the knowledge coming your way. Once you make your mind nothing can stop you from becoming the part of this procedure. Breastlight review is also based on the same idea. It is indeed a platform for others to learn from the experiences of each other. Never lose hope and faith. Keep intact with the basic fundamentals; you will certainly get a way to cope with the situation as well as explore more things which can help you out to fix the things. Always believe that you can do it.

Defeat Breast Cancer with the Help Of Nature

Breast cancer is affecting women more around the globe. Apart from the breast cancer awareness regarding self-examination or going through the initial testing, eating habits also matters a lot. It should also be taken as a part of awareness. You need to know what is good for you to eat to prevent breast cancer or in other case if you are fighting with this disease. There are so many natural herbs, fruits and specific food items which are really helpful.

In 2010 a research showed that mushrooms can be really affective against breast cancer especially for women in premenopausal condition. They are packed with anti-oxidant agents that can defeat breast cancer.

Broccoli Sprouts:
You might have heard that eat green to defeat Brest cancer. It’s true and very much in practice as well.  Here again the anti-oxidant agent like sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts can treat breast cancer very well.

The diamond like pomegranate is a real miracle. Their seeds are rich in ellagic acid again an antioxidant that can reduce an enzyme that use to give a raise to breast cancer.  It is a very easy and healthy tip to eat pomegranate to avoid breast cancer or even to reduce the growth.

Lentils are a very easy and budget friendly solution against breast cancer. The presence of folate and fiber makes them more sufficient against breast cancer.

Walnuts use to reduce the breast cancer tumours. They are rich source of anti-oxidants, phytosterols and omega 3 that can stop the growth of cancerous cells.

The presence of pterostilbene, a phytonutrient in blueberries can lessen the production of cancerous cells. They are also rich in anti-oxidant elements essential to fight out breast cancer.

According to several researches conducted in past few years Premenopausal women who use to take an appropriate amount of folate through food like Spanish, are at low risk of having breast cancer comparatively.  Vitamin B is very important for the proper division of cells division. The abnormal cell division can lead to disease like breast cancer.  So you need to make Spanish a part of your food, again the green solution.

Choline in eggs has been considered as the great weapon against breast cancer. This essential nutrient can be found in the yolk. Choline is very much important for the proper functioning of the cells beef, fish and pork etc., are also the rich source of this particular nutrient.

Olive Oil:
Olive oil has anti-oxidant qualities that can deal with the malignant cells.

According to a study having about two 12-ounce coffees per day can lessen the risk of being into an aggressive form of breast cancer.  Coffee can protect the cells from any damage.

Plums & Peaches:
The traditional treatment for breast cancer is usually the protection of the cells. If we talk about the food that can do this plump and peaches are one of them. They have quality to deal with issue.

The fiber in beans is really important to protect yourself from breast cancer. There are many other foods and cereals rich in fiber, all are effective against breast cancer and management of cells. 
Every possible factor should be part of your daily life as being part of the breast cancer awareness.

Aware Them All As an Obligation

Breast cancer is something which requires awareness more than any other disease. Breast cancer awareness is like a breeze in the highly intense weather when someone feels as being failed to move forward. This awareness is not restricted to some specific agenda, people or sources. Everyone can become a part of this campaign through his or her own way. The actual or the ultimate purpose is to evolve the thinking of the masses as well as to convince them about their breast health. Here we should realize that people with authority or popularity can use their status to prevail awareness which will surely be very effective.

Make It More Effective: 

People who are already popular can make use of their popularity to inform and aware people for good and especially those who are media personalities as they have a platform which is bigger than anything else. Amber Wilson host of a sports show also did the same. She revealed her personal interaction with breast cancer. She told the folks that she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She further added that it was a big surprise for her as she has no family history of the disease. 

Being a host of sports based show she herself is very much dedicated to fitness and health. She emphasized on the need of initiating breast cancer awareness campaigns to enlighten the issue more effectively. Amber also highlighted the importance of self-examination of the breast. This will ease the things further and certainly will avert the dangerous outcomes. One can use self-examination devices like Breastlight for the early detection or for the sake of checking the abnormalities if any. There is also a message for all those women who are apparently healthy and fit like amber Wilson but still the checkup or examination is a must as amber is a living and evident example. She is determined about her fight against the disease. She expressed her feelings in one of her tweets. She wrote, “Hey cancer, you picked the wrong chick”.