Aware Them All As an Obligation

Breast cancer is something which requires awareness more than any other disease. Breast cancer awareness is like a breeze in the highly intense weather when someone feels as being failed to move forward. This awareness is not restricted to some specific agenda, people or sources. Everyone can become a part of this campaign through his or her own way. The actual or the ultimate purpose is to evolve the thinking of the masses as well as to convince them about their breast health. Here we should realize that people with authority or popularity can use their status to prevail awareness which will surely be very effective.

Make It More Effective: 

People who are already popular can make use of their popularity to inform and aware people for good and especially those who are media personalities as they have a platform which is bigger than anything else. Amber Wilson host of a sports show also did the same. She revealed her personal interaction with breast cancer. She told the folks that she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She further added that it was a big surprise for her as she has no family history of the disease. 

Being a host of sports based show she herself is very much dedicated to fitness and health. She emphasized on the need of initiating breast cancer awareness campaigns to enlighten the issue more effectively. Amber also highlighted the importance of self-examination of the breast. This will ease the things further and certainly will avert the dangerous outcomes. One can use self-examination devices like Breastlight for the early detection or for the sake of checking the abnormalities if any. There is also a message for all those women who are apparently healthy and fit like amber Wilson but still the checkup or examination is a must as amber is a living and evident example. She is determined about her fight against the disease. She expressed her feelings in one of her tweets. She wrote, “Hey cancer, you picked the wrong chick”.


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