Breast Cancer and Hormonal Imbalance in a Woman

If anyone of you use to feel as if bloated, tensed and as if she is not as she should have been. The reason can be the hormonal imbalance. As being part of breast cancer awareness very one should be aware of this link as well. Do you know what these Hormones are? They are actually chemical “messengers” that influence the way your cells and organs use to perform their functions. It’s quite normal for the levels inside your body to change at certain stages of your life, like before and after your periods or pregnancy or even during menopause. There are certain medicines as well that can change them in form of increasing or decreasing these levels.
Irregular Periods:
Periods are a regular happening in a woman. If someone is not getting into this regular circle or it happens with an interval or with the rapid changes in the date you must check for the hormonal imbalance. In every woman, the reason can be different. It depends on the age. One may be having a problem like polycystic ovarian syndrome that can cause this imbalance. This issue can be the reason behind breast cancer or any other cancer even.
Sleep Issues:
If someone is having sleep issues like she is not getting the sleep and if she is getting that is not the proper one. This issue is also referring towards the hormonal issues. Progesterone is a hormone emit by your ovaries. It helps you to get enough sleep as per requirement. The low levels of this hormone can result in less sleep. This further indulges you in night sweet and anxiety.
If you are facing a breakout it’s normal during the periods but if the acne remains with you all the time and it doesn’t clear then you need to focus on the hormones. If androgens hormone increased in your body it further activates your oil glands to work than the usual. They use to clog the pores that can be the reason of the acne.
Abdomen Problems:
The gut has small cells called receptors that use to respond to estrogen and progesterone. The unusual change in these hormones can cause issues with your digestive system. You may experience diarrhea, stomach discomfort, inflating, and nausea .if you are feeling and facing these issues along with fatigue and acne then this indicate the low levels of hormones in your body.
Depression and Mood Swings:
If your hormones are decreasing rapidly or the level has become so low then you can experience anxiety and irritable mood swings. Estrogen can put an impact on the brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. All the factors can eventually drag you to a depressive stage. Breast cancer awareness campaign also includes the reduction of depression so to avert cancer.
Hunger and Weight Gain:
When the estrogen levels use to decrease and you feel like fainting, certainly you will feel the need to eat more than usual. This way you can gain weight. This hormonal change or decrease further use to affect the leptin, an appetite-boosting hormone.
Again the drop in estrogen levels can cause a woman to have a headache. If a woman is practicing it during or before the periods then this can be normal but feeling it all the time can have some serious reason behind.


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