Self Examination of Breast Cacner with Breastlight Reviews

Breast cancer in the UK is alarmingly at the rate of 1 out of 8. Mostly it is common in women 50 plus of age. Also girls in their 20s and 30s should at least get it checked once in 3 years to make sure they are fine. As other precautions a healthy diet and a healthy life style shall be followed.

At the initial stage cancer is usually not painful, a lump is usually formed at the armpit which might be too tiny or hidden from the individual to physically detect it. Dr. David Watmough in the UK has designed a device Breastlight for self breast exam, giving confidence to women not just in the UK but also across the world. Breastlight lets you examine what’s going on inside your breast. With a safe, bright red light, you can see the veins in a dark color. Similarly, if any spot or shadow appears it becomes visible with Breastlight; therefore it claims to enlighten awareness.

During a survey, people with different age groups gave quite a positive feedback;

"I was completely amazed at being able to look inside my breasts. I found it easy to use, the booklet easy to understand, and what the fingers cannot perhaps detect, the eye can see."

“I am looking forward to making a full recovery and enjoying my life and seeing my grandchildren grow. I hope many other women will be given the opportunity through Breastlight like I was.”

 "It appears that Breastlight is effective in the detection of malignant tumours and in some cases can differentiate between malignant and benign disease. This device will prove to be of particular value to women who experience difficulty in self examination - for example, those with a history of recurrent cysts." Mr Obi Iwuchukwu, Consultant Breast Surgeon, Sunderland City Hospital

There are chances for cancer to re-occur and this fear can be best understood by a victim of cancer the patients going through chemotherapy, radiations or surgery.

No doubt it is the best available Breast Screening device that is simple to use and can be carried anywhere, anytime and very girl and woman should keep it, as she can benefit very well with this device by keeping a regular check on herself.

However, occasional visits to the doctor are also necessary, especially if she is prone to recurrence of cancer. For the prevention of spread of breast cancer, Breastlife is surely one step ahead and the best part is that all family members and friends can take advantage of a single Breastlight device.


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