Breast Cancer Screening in UK An Achievement With Benefits

          One needs to know about the disease he or she has and for this purpose the detection is very much important. Breast cancer screening is also very much important like many other diseases. Here we need to mention the success of breast cancer screening in UK. It started with an enthusiastic approach and have got immense success.

Why Screening is Important?

     Breast cancer screening is sort of a test that can be done through several ways and by using different methods. This screening helps out to detect breast cancer. It further leads you towards treatment of the disease otherwise the cancer can spread and becomes un-treatable.

Breast Screening and UK

     According to a research the yearly figures of Breast Cancer Screening in UK are more than 2 million women. There is a national level screening program in the country that invites women having age between 50 and 70 for screening once in every 3 years. One just has to register herself for the program. This is surely such a great incentive that brought satisfaction for so many women. Currently the country is interested in extending the age limit to benefit the women who doesn’t belong to the previous age group. Self-breast examination, mammography or x-rays all are part of breast screening program.

  • The Whole Procedure
  • Tests for Breast Screening

   It includes mammography that is basically an x-ray to detect breast cancer.

Post-test Analysis:

              After getting the results further decisions can be made. The test readings can tell the whole story.

In Case of Unclear:

               If your test is not clear and giving some unusual results or reading you will be call again for the test. It is very important to know the Overall scenario as the breast cancer screening in UK shows a tremendous success as number of screened women is 8 out of every 1,000.

The Benefits Of Breast Cancer Screening in UK:
              Through breast cancer screening cancer can be detected at early stage then treatment become quite easy or it may takes less time to recover. The present indication shows that breast screening in UK is a success story itself as the number of deaths in a year from this disease is reduced by about 1,300.

The Possible Side Effects Of Breast Screening:

             Breast screening can have few side effects or harmful effects but one has to see the positive aspects that are much more than the negative.

·  False results though rare

  •  Over diagnosis and as a result over treatment
  • Acquaintance to radiation

Breast Cancer Screening in UK For Women who are at High Risk:

          Women with family history of breast cancer or heredity issue are at the high risk. So such women and cases are quite common in UK and all this become evident after breast cancer screening in UK.  The national program of breast screening in also suggests the women with some background of breast cancer to go through this test and be a part of the procedure.

Should You Go For Breast Screening?
         Knowing about your health issues and getting information about everything related to you is your right so you should be concerned about it. Breast cancer screening in UK is not a program but a way forward for so many to follow and make your life tension free and relaxed.


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